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Since 1978, Flightstar continues to provide our clients with solutions that exceed expectations. Our teams deliver a wide range of aircraft management options that specifically meet each of our clients' needs.

Our Solutions:

  • Scheduling
  • Flight Coordination
  • Logistics
  • Crew Services
  • Charter Management
  • Aircraft Acquisitions
  • Brokerage
  • Safety Programs
  • Charter Revenue
  • Legal Assistance
  • Financial Management
  • Insurance
  • Crew Training Programs
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Aircraft Maintenance Tracking
  • Cosmetics

COORDINATION AND LOGISTICS: Flightstar’s service begins long before take off and extends after landing. From scheduling your flight to coordinating accommodations, customs, or ground transportation. Flightstar handles it all.

CREW SERVICES: Crewing your aircraft with qualified pilots can be an enormous obstacle and burden for any aircraft owner. Utilizing our extensive experience of employing commercial pilots, we relieve this responsibility from you.

MAINTENANCE: We’re here to handle all of your aircraft maintenance and avionics needs from inspections, system troubleshooting, equipment replacement, or even STC development. Flightstar does it all, on time, on budget, as promised.

SAFETY: Through hard work, trust, and ever-improving safety culture, Flightstar has achieved an impeccable safety record throughout our four-plus decades in business. Operational safety is always our top priority.

CHARTER: Looking to offset some of your expenses by capitalizing on your aircraft’s idle time? Let us handle all the nuances of the charter world for you! Lean on our years of experience to cover regulations, scheduling, and marketing. Let your investment work for you.

SALES / BROKERAGE: We have extensive experience helping customers identify the perfect airframe that suits their individual needs. Rely on an experienced partner to conduct market research, demo flights, negotiate, prebuy, and finalize the sale.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND INSURANCE: Straight forward accounting keeps you informed and in control of your investment. With careful monitoring of expenses, tax compliance, and record-keeping, we provide a transparent and informative view of your investment. Forty-plus years with an excellent safety record allows Flightstar to offer some of the most competitive insurance rates in the industry.

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Regulatory compliance is our thing, from FAA regulation, maintenance tracking, and Safety Management Systems. You do not need to go alone. Our teams specialize in these tasks and take the guesswork out of your investment.

FUEL: Fuel programs and bulk discounts keep your variable costs to a minimum. Flightstar not only includes you in our contract fuel programs but tracks fuel efficiency too.

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