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Non-Destructive Testing

Flightstar offers an in-house NDT department capable of traveling and performing on-site inspections on:

  • Landing gear
  • Parting line inspections
  • Eddy Current inspections
  • Wheel inspections
  • Ultrasonic thickness inspections after corrosion removal.
We feature the latest NDT equipment from:
  • Olympus
  • Nortec 600
  • Epoch 650
  • OmniScan MX
  • Lorad 160 X-Ray
Examples of services provided:
  • OmniScan MX for pressure vessel skin inspections.
  • Eddy current probes and standards airframe inspections for Bombardier Learjet 70/75 and 60 series.
  • Eddy current probes and standards wheel inspections for Bombardier Learjet 70/75, 60, & Challenger 300 series aircraft.
  • Ultrasonic probes and standards for Bombardier Learjet 70/75 and 60 airframe inspections.
  • Magnetic particle inspections both A/C & D/C, stationary head & coil with portable A/C, continuous wet & dry powder applications.
  • Full water-washable penetrant line & portable penetrant kit. Type 1, methods B/C/D, Level 4.
  • X-Ray with a Lorad 160 X-Ray tube head and CR imaging equipment.
  • Conductivity testing equipment for Bombardier Learjet engine skin testing.
  • In-house level Ill for all inspection requirements.
  • NDT inspections for engines, airframes, and auxiliary components.
  • NDT Capabilities for routine maintenance & overhaul performed for the Flightstar Airline Division and Part 145 Bombardier Authorized Service Facility.
NDT Penetrant Line NDT flaw NDT Eddy Current NDT X-Ray